For Customers

Customers who want
to buy our engines

We can’t ship our engines
directly to foreign countries.
We will ask an outside supplier to pack and deliver
to port in your country.
For subsequent procedures,
please make arrangements
on your own.
(From a port to near you.)
We also invoice you
for some commisions,
like packing, CFS, etc…

 Products Handed over
Directly at Tokyo Auto Auction

We will hand items
over to you between
14:00 and 15:00
on Thursdays.
(The first available
Thursday is counted
from the date
of a successful bid.)
If you’d like to change
the meeting time,
please tell us before
15:00 on the previous day.
We can not hand over
engines directly.
We will invoice
you for payment
of items and
a TOKYO-USS fee.

For Exporters

Exporters who want
multiple products can purchase them cheaper
than regular price.

【Possible Standard】
Successful bids have
more than 30 points
per month or
when the aggregate
bidding price reaches 1,000,000 JPY.

Please inform us beforehand,
and then we will
conduct registration.

After someone placed a bid on a product,
we can’t accept
anymore offers for it.
(Please feel free to contact
us anytime bofore you place a bid.)

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